Good Corporate Governance

The violation reporting system is a system used to accommodate, manage, and follow up and make reports on information submitted by reporters regarding violations that occur within PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia, namely violations related to the code of ethics, Company regulations and applicable laws and regulations. and other violations that could harm PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia and its stakeholders.

Communication facilities for internal parties and external parties of the Company to report acts of fraud or violations committed by internal actors of the Company. Reporting must be based on good faith and not a personal complaint or based on bad will / slander.

         Procedures for reporting violations

               1. Reporting violations can be submitted through : 

                    A. Mail to address : 

                         PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia 

                         UP Unit Pengaduan Nasabah

                         Gedung Bank Panin Pusat Lt Dasar

                         Jl. Jendral No 1 Senayan

                         Jakarta Pusat 10270

                     B. Call to PT Evergreen Securities Indonesia 021-5739510

                     C. Submission of E-mail to 


                2. In facilitating and accelerating the follow-up process, reporting is accompanied by at least:

                    A. Reporting identity (in case of using an anonymous identity please include the telephone number, email, address that can be contacted)

                    B. Description of violations commited, location and time of the incident.

                    C. The Reported Party and other parties involved (if any)

                    D. Supporting documents and other evidence (if any)